Motorway Driving Lessons

motorway-driving-lessonsThe standard driving test can leave newly qualified drivers ill-prepared for the challenge of Motorway driving. Our Motorway Driving Lessons build on basic skills to help you become a safe and competent motorway driver.

Driving on the motorway can be a scary and worrying experience. The speed of the traffic can be quite overwhelming and skills such as joining and leaving, overtaking other road users and emergency planning are areas left uncovered by the standard driving test.

Divawheelz extra lessons to new drivers which build on basic skills to create safe and competent motorway driving.

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  • Joining and leaving the motorway
  • Safe overtaking
  • All weather driving on the motorway
  • Lane discipline and safe following distances
  • Route planning
  • Safe following distances on the motorway
  • Maintaining a safety zone around your vehicle
  • Emergency planning including personal safety

Our fully flexible driving instructors will collect you from your home, work or college and drop you off at a place that’s convenient for you. These lessons are charged at £35 per hour.